The Creative Alchemist

by Leon Lindon

Hello everyone. Sadly, today I have no music to post, but I do have a well-deserved plug for a friend of mine. String is a self-designated Creative Alchemist which means that she applies the principles of alchemy and creativity to the transformation of life itself, honing in on dynamic relationships and unseen possibilities through art, intuitive thought, and research. Although it is not easy to summarize the plethora of activities String is involved in, she is currently operating the new sunn creative label representing the music of guitarist/singer/composer/arranger Tony Lowe and Tony Lowe Productions (this is where the post does tie in to music so please check out her website if you want to hear some), as well as acting as a business manager representing creative individuals and organizations. And, as always, she is writing on her blog, Creative Alchemy (which comes highly recommended by me for all those who want to read something fascinating), about all of this and more. The hub for all of her many websites and projects is listed, as always, at the bottom of my site under the “Friends” section, but you can also visit it by clicking here.