Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

by Leon Lindon

I’ve had the website finished in terms of design and content for a while now, but for reasons I cannot fully understand, I have not started using it. Well, today, that all changes, with this first post.

For now, while I’m working on new things, I’ll be posting one old thing per post (which, luckily, will be a new thing to you!) which I will be writing a little blurb about. Every time I post a new song, it will go up on the Music page, which will act as a sort of catalog, so don’t worry about having to sort through pages of posts to find the songs you want to hear.

Today what I’m posting is a piece I wrote for string quartet called Dancing with Darkness.

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The piece, written for violin, viola, cello, and bass, is an arrangement of a melody that dates back several years. Before, I had the idea of arranging it as a vocal piece (which I actually did write words for) but I think it suits strings much better. I really want to find strings players to record it with, but for now, I am satisfied with this digital version. The song was inspired by the idea of one dancing with the darkness inside oneself and stylistically is what I would call neo-classical, as it has tendencies of the sounds of the classical era but I treat some of the sensitive tones in a more modern way.