La Carmina x Leon Lindon

by Leon Lindon

As I’ve been alluding to in the past few posts, I recently wrote the soundtrack for La Carmina’s Arizona travel video, which has now been featured on the Huffington Post, where La Carmina contributes as a blogger.


La Carmina’s latest post covers our spooky dinnertime experience at Monsterland as well as a host of positively spooky photos…

But if you missed any of me and La Carmina’s adventures in Arizona, fear not, for they can be reached via this link. Many of the posts also feature members of my band, Colosseum Thesis, as well as Serafina, a singer and frequent collaborator of mine (who just opened her new blog!).

You can also listen to all of the pieces I wrote for the video on my Music page.

I had a lot of fun with this project. Because La Carmina’s world is full of whimsy and Gothic scenery much like my own, it felt very natural to write the music for the video. Most of the melodies are inter-connected in some subtle and some not-so-subtle ways. I hope you enjoy them!

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