I’m so glad to hear you’ve taken an interest in my work. Right now, I am accepting any and all musical commissions internationally, whether it be for a classical form, a pop song, film, animation, video games, software, or anything else you can dream up.

I completely compose and arrange all pieces. Depending upon the commission, especially if the song is entirely electronic, I can generate all the instrumental sound necessary.

I am not limited by genre, but do have a distinctive style which I take the liberty to stay true to within reason. I reserve the right to respectfully reject any commission, but really, I would like to take as many as I can.

Please visit the Music page to view work I have created on my own time, and under commission for other individuals, and the Bio page to learn more about what kind of music I compose.

All of my rates are dependent upon the nature of the individual project and can be discussed through e-mail. You can just hit the Contact button on the far left of any page on the site to do this.

Licensing details and payment will be worked out on a project-by-project basis.

Thank you for your interest as always.