by Leon Lindon

I must genuinely apologize for the lack of updates–with my musical activities of late this site has been the lesser of my priorities. Regardless of this fact, I have taken notice of the fact that the site has a little more traffic than it used to, so I will try to post some things.

As for news, I recently guided my good friend, the “coolhunter” and travel journalist La Carmina as she toured my town of residence. So far two posts have appeared on her blog which feature me and shine some light on my activities, in particular my upcoming band project Colosseum Thesis.

In one post, we explore goth night life at club Sanctum and dine at the delightful Blue Hound Kitchen in downtown Phoenix.

In another, we get spiritual in Sedona and explore the new age culture of this one-of-a-kind desert town.

Be sure not to miss these action-packed posts, as well as future items that will emerge, including a travel video La Carmina is working on which will also include various appearances from me and some brand-new background music of my own authorship…